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Who We Are

Duo's Desserts is just getting started! We are twins who have always been close, and now that we are back in the same area again, we are excited to start this new chapter! Julie went to baking school and has the perfect ideas on new sweets and bundles. Rebecca has a keen eye for design and is excited to see how that can tie into this new avenue. We can't wait to see what is in store for us, and are so excited for you to take part in this adventure!

Since we are still new to this, all order inquiries can be submitted under the "contact" tab of the website. This is not an official order request, it is just a way to contact us to receive more information about submitting an order. We will be as prompt as possible in replying to messages. Currently, all orders will need to be picked up at Lowell Journey Church unless specifically prearranged.

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